Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Texas No. 9318 To all to whom these presents shall come:

Whereas, At the April term A.D. 1903 in the District Court of Lamar County, State of Texas G.W. Mathews, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life term in the Penitentiary, and whereas, he is now seventy years of age. For sixty seven years this defendant had lived an upright and honorable life. He is an exconfederate soldier, has raised a large family who with their descendants number more than fifty persons. In his declining years his wife with whom he had lived for a long time and who was the mother of his children died. From that time a great change came over him and his friends and neighbors noticed that a shock had to a more or less extent unbalanced his mind. He became infatuated with a woman many years his junior whom he married. Their married life was an unhappy one. He became addicted to the use of intoxicants. He and his second wife seperated and he threatened to sue for a divorce. The seperation and determination to secure a divorce seemed to bear heavily on his mind and culminated in him killing his wife and attempting to commit suicide. The general impression of those who are familiar with the history of this case is that it was the act of an old man with a tatttering mtertech *(illegible), caused by drink. His life in the penitentiary has been an exemplary one. This pardon is recommeded by the Trial Judge, County Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, County Officers and numerous representative citizens of Lamar County including the Representatives Hon. Clarence Sperry and J. C. Mason. The Board of pardon advises strongly recommend the pardon on account of his age and his long and honorable citizenship prior to this offence.

Now, Therefore, I, T. M. Campbell , Governor of Texas; do; by virtue of the authority vested in me by the constitution and Laws of this State; hereby; for the reasons specified, now on file in the office of Secretary of State, grant said Mathews a full pardon and restore him to full citizenship and the right of suffrage.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereto signed my name and caused the Seal of State to be hereon impressed at the City of Austin; this 10th day of June A.D. 1907

T. M. Campbell, Governor of Texas by the Governor;
L.T. Dashell, Secretary of State