When William Isom Cron died in 1880, his wife Narcissa’s sister, Pathenia, died shortly thereafter. At her sister’s funeral, Narcissa met her sister’s husband, Captain William Henry Morton. But nothing would come of this meeting until sometime later. Captain Morton quickly married a woman named Elvira Brooks, a widow with three children. But Elvira died while giving birth to her fourth child, and Narcissy promised her that she would raise the baby. Later, Narcissy married Captain William Morton. They moved to the Paris, Texas area with several families of her kin, taking her four children, the Brooks four children and the Morton children. Mr. Morton was not a good stepfather to the Chron children. He is reported to have thrown Everett Staley Chron into a fire in the fireplace on one occasion, but his mother rescued him, although he suffered severe burns.

The boys Everett, George, and William plotted to get even with their stepfather as soon as they were old enough. When they got older, they one day beat up Mr. Morton with a hammer. It is reported that they had very little trouble from him after that!

Captain William Henry Morton died when he was over 100 years old and is buried at the McGlassen Cemetery, located at Roxton, Texas.

When George Chron was a grown man, he had trouble with a tenant farmer. The farmer kicked George off his land and threatened to kill George if he came back on the farm. Later in a confrontation and heated argument, both having guns, George drew his gun and killed the farmer. He pleaded self-defense and the farmer’s wife backed up his story. He was acquitted of all charges.