Life on the Little Sixty-EC Chron

Dad and Grandpa Chron decided their land near Paris, Texas was worn out! In 1925, they sold their farm and headed West. First, they looked at land near Synder, Texas. The soil was so poor they decided they couldn’t make a living on it. Years later, the great Synder oil field was discovered near this property!

Next, they looked at farm land north of Ralls. They decided to buy a 160 acre farm four miles north and two east of Ralls. Grandpa took the west 100 acres and Dad took the east 60 acres. Both tracts had a house, but Dad’s house was a two room shack with a tin roof.

V. Allen was born in 1923 when our folks were living in Houston, Texas. He made the move west with Dad and Mom. I was born in 1927 on the little farm. Joe came along eighteen months later. Bob was born in 1930 in Houston. Minnie Nell was also born in the little shack in 1933. Ivan Lee was born on the “Moore Farm” in 1938. Old Dr. Haney came out to our shack and delivered three of us. Dad couldn’t pay him until he made a crop.

Dad desperately wanted more land and a larger house for his growing family. In 1935 he rented 320 acres four and one half miles north of Ralls. The four room house, located on Highway 62, was large (for us). In late fall, we made the move. From that time on we referred to our old home place as the “Little Sixty!”