Crosby County Bi-Centennial

Mr. and Mrs. Everett C. Chron came to West Texas area in 1925, along with their son, Virgil, his wife, Nellie, and small son, Virgil Allen. They had sold their farm land in Paris, Texas and came west to settle in Ralls. Here they all stayed and farmed.

Everett C. Chron was born in Kentucky in 1881 and from there moved to Paris. He met and married Minnie Goldie Mathews, daughter of G.W. and Elizabeth Stanford Mathews, Oct. 22, 1899. Goldie was born in Alabama March 24, 1876 and moved to Paris with her family in 1888. E.C. and Goldie had five children. One son, Virgil, and four daughters, Betty Mae, Laverne, Jewel, and Alma.

Virgil Chron was born October 5, 1900 in Paris. He met and married Nellie Jackson, who was born in Howland in 1905. They had one son, Virgil Allen, when they moved to West Texas, but had five more children in the years to come: four boys, EC, Joe Nathan, Robert Thomas, Ivan Lee, and one daughter, Minnie Nell.

Everett C. Chron passed away at the age of 62, March 18, 1944 and Goldie lived to the ripe old age of 95. She passed away May 5, 1971 in the Ralls Nursing Home.

Virgil loved the farm land and wanted all of his boys to be farmers. This was not to be the case. All of the boys left the farm to go on to other things, except for Joe, and he farmed until his death at the age of 40. Joe drowned in November, 1968 while on a Boy Scout outing in the Big Bend National Park.

Joe was married to the former Berta Faye Evatt and they have three children, Debbie, Tony and Kelly.

Virgil and Nellie lived in Crosby County until their deaths. Nellie passed away December 20, 1975 and Virgil followed her shortly. He died October 20, 1976. They have five remaining children.

Virgil Allen and his wife, the former June Reed of Crosbyton, live in Alaska where he is minister of Muldoon Baptist Church. Virgil and June Chron have four daughters: June, Jana, Jami, Jill and nine grandchildren.

EC, now an evangelist in Carrollton, and his wife, Melba Jo, have one son, Clint, and three daughters, Josa, Deanna, and Tami and three grandchildren.

Bob and his wife Chris live in Albuquerque. Bob has three daughters: Darla, Theresa and Amber and four grandchildren.

Minnie Nell Chron Orm and her husband, George live in Weatherford and have two children, George Everett and Nika.

Ivan and his wife, Della Sue live in Ralls and have three children, Curtis, Kevin and Sheila.

There are five grandsons left to carry on the Chron name: Clint, Tony, Kelly, Curtis, and Kevin.