A Pet Long Remembered-V. Allen Chron

We had various pets when young, including my chicken, and dogs named Bulgur, Shag, and Pat. We also had a goat. I don’t remember where we got him, but I remember him growing up with us in the late 20’s. He was fun to pet and easy to feed. In fact, he would eat anything that he could get into his mouth—cloth, cans, flowers, trees, shrubs and Mom’s garden at times. But we loved him, and wouldn’t let Dad sell him.

When we moved to Houston in 1930, we asked our neighbor and friend, Frank Sellers to keep him until we returned in one or two years. He agreed.

We got letters telling about our goat and how he was doing. Nothing unusual until one day we received startling news. Our goat was dead–not only dead but eaten by the Sellers family. We could hardly believe it! Seems that our goat had jumped on top of Frank’s new cloth top touring car. His sharp hooves had punched down into the car. But he was content to eat his way out, consuming the major part of the cloth top. When found out, his sentence was swift and sure! We grieved, but managed to get over it!