Mrs. Matilda Cron (1820 – 1900)

By on February 3, 2021

Taken from a paper clipping which was glued on the cover of Mary Ann Adcock’s Bible.

The Grim Reaper, Death, claims another aged mother in Israel after intense suffering from paralysis. Mrs. Matilda Cron, mother of our townman Joseph E. Cron, died at her home on the headwaters of Dry Fork, Saturday at the age of 79 years. Mrs. Cron suffered a stroke of paralysis about 4 months ago and since that time had been helpless, requiring the assistance of the family to move. She was aware of the fact that her death was near at hand and welcomed the end as a release from her suffering. The deceased was born and raised in this country and had spent all her life here. As early as 1858, she became a member of the Presbyterian Church, but in 1881 she as converted to the Primitive Baptists and connected herself to that church. Her burial was at East Station Camp churchyard Sunday, where a large crowd of friends assembled to see her remains laid to rest.

The deceased was the mother of J.E. Cron of Gallatin, J.W. and W.D. Cron and of M.A. Buck, M.A. Adcock and J.E. Ventress of this country.




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