In pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, 20 year old Nicklos Cron sailed with 140 other sojourners from Alsace Lorraine, the Rhineland between Germany and France and landed at Plymouth, MA on October 2, 1727. Here they were met by William Penn’s son, who escorted them to Philadelphia, PA, where they were required to take the oath of allegiance to the crown. Nicklos and his wife soon moved to Shenandoah, Virginia where their son Ferguson Cron was born in 1754.

Descendants generally stayed in Virginia until the mid 1800’s when Nicklos Cron’s 16 great-grandchildren migrated into places such as Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Between 1880 and 1882, Isom Cron changed his last name from “Cron” to “Chron.” Some believe it was because Isom had a falling out with his brothers and sisters but no one knows for sure. Today we have Chron’s and Cron’s around the U.S. from Alaska to Texas. With this web site we hope to preserve the Chron legacy, and perhaps help others uncover the secrets of their past.