You live as long as you are remembered.

Welcome to the Chron/Cron Family website! Here you will find a variety of genealogy information about the Cron’s and Chron’s, dating back to the 1700’s. Look up obituaries or census records, discover relatives on the family tree and please don’t forget to sign our guestbook! As always, questions, suggestions and corrections are welcome. Thank you for your support and to those who have contributed a tremendous amount of time and research to this site. Let’s keep our genealogy alive for generations to come!

Recent Passings

Kevin Chron

Kevin Chron (1958-2014)

Kevin Allen Chron, son of Ivan and Della Sue Chron ended his journey here on earth on January 24, 2014.  He will be deeply missed.

Ivan Lee Chron

Ivan Chron (1938-2017)

Ivan Lee Chron went home to be with the Lord on June 12, 2017. He loved to make people laugh, fishing, traveling and spending time with his family.  He was truly blessed. Forever loved. Never forgotten.

Hunter Wyatt Boydston

Hunter Wyatt Boydston

Hunter Wyatt Boydston, son of Anthony and Belinda Chron Boydston entered this world on January 20, 2014 weighing 3 lbs and 6 oz. On January 24th at 3:40 PM, he entered heaven. He was loved by many and will be missed every day.